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Are you wondering why no matter how hard you try, you simply cannot achieve life changing goals?  


Do you know what you want but you're not sure what your next step should be to get what you want?


This free workbook will help put you on the path to achieving any goal - large or small.  


THE key to creating a successful and fulfilling life is through goal setting and achievement.  


The 9 keys I share in this workbook are the same lessons I have used to achieve major goals in my life - buying my dream home, getting a college degree, starting a profitable business, etc.

These keys and the simple goal achievement process I share took me from stuck to unstuck and made me unstoppable!  Here's what's included:


  • Key 1 - Dream Big

    • Human beings tend to adjust their dream to what they REALLY believe is possible for the life.  Your beliefs are keeping you from walking fully in your destiny, in abundance and from true freedom and happiness -  worksheet included.


  • Key 2 - Create a Vision Statement

    • A vision statement will help you make critical decisions about your life, career or business - worksheet included.


  • Key 3 - Invest in Yourself


    • Don’t ever stop learning.  You have to stay up-to-date in your personal development - worksheet included.  
  • Key 4 - Create or join a mastermind group, coaching group or a success team.

    • Quit thinking you can do everything yourself.  Surround yourself with people who are big dreamers like you and are leaders in their industry. Your group can help you keep you on the path to accomplishing your most cherished goals  - worksheet included. 
  • Key 5 - Do not let obstacles and setbacks stop you.

    • Challenges and change are guaranteed in life.  Don’t allow obstacles, challenges or setbacks to throw you a curve ball - worksheet included. 
  • Key 6 - Be Real.  

    • You won’t be able to achieve the life you dream about unless you are real with yourself about every area of your life - worksheet included. 
  • Key 7 - Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People.

    • You are unique. If you know that spirit is pushing you to: pursue a new career, move to a new city or state, return to school, take steps to buy a house, get in shape or lose weight – whatever, you must believe that you deserve it and that you can do it, regardless of what other people are doing or saying - worksheet included. 
  • Key 8 - Follow your dream and your passion but not money.

    • You must be choose your or career or business because you love what you do and you are passionate about what you do - worksheet included. 
  • Key 9 - Make a decision and act fast. 

    • When you are trying to decide on a direction to take in your life, career or business, if and when you are presented with a flash of inspiration to do something, decide fast and act fast.  This is the universe's way of guiding you - worksheet included. 

I believe in you,


Carmin Wharton


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