A Woman's Road Map

to a 

Successful Life

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I don’t believe it is an accident that you arrived here.

This Road Map contains nine (9) keys that will help you create an authentic and successful life!

These nine (9) keys are a large part of the reason for my success.

Whether you are or desire to own a business, write and publish a book, purchase your dream home, complete a college degree, excel in your career or lose weight, there are some keys to success that apply to you, regardless of your age, ethnicity, industry – whatever, these 9 keys apply to you as a woman.

These nine (9) keys helped get me off the merry-go-round of hoping,
wishing, doubting and wanting to actually taking action toward creating the life I wanted.

It is my prayer and sincere hope that this Road Map will do the same for you.

Peace and love,

Here's what I cover in the Woman's Road Map to a Successful Life:

  • Key 1 - Dream big.

    Why this is important:


    Human beings tend to adjust their dream to what they REALLY believe is possible for the life. Your beliefs are keeping you from walking fully in your destiny, in abundance and from true freedom and happiness.​

  • Key 2 - Create a vision statement.

    Why this is important:


    A vision statement will help you make critical decisions about your life, career and/or business.

  • Key 3 - Invest in yourself.

    Why this is important:


    To live your best life, you have to stay up-to-date in your personal development. You must find ways to build yourself up and boost your self-confidence.

  • Key 4 - Develop a support system.

    Why this is important:


    Having a support system will also make you accountable. Your group can help you stay on you the path to accomplishing your most cherished goals.

  • Key 5 - Overcoming obstacles and setbacks.

    Why this is important:


    Allowing obstacles,challenges or setbacks to throw you a curve ball and take you out of this game called life means you won't be able to achieve your goals..

  • Key 6 - Be real.

    Why this is important:


    You won’t be able to move

    toward the life you dream about unless you are real with yourself about

    every area of your life.

  • Key 7 - Be unique.

    Why this is important:


    Accepting and embracing what you makes you unique from everyone else in the world is a great confidence booster.

  • Key 8 - Follow your dream and your passion.

    Why this is important:


    Working in a career or business that is not connected to what you are passionate about - what makes your heart sing - is a terrible waste of the gift of life.

  • Key 9 - Be decisive.

    Why this is important:


    By not deciding to act quickly on inspiration you receive, you are telling God, the Universe, your Higher Power that you are not ready to achieve your goals.  Indecisiveness is actually a form of fear.

The thing about achieving life goals is that gets - and ... keeps us stuck is that we see this HUGE list of things we need to do to our goal and then we scare ourselves to death thinking we can't do it all and then we either completely shut down ... or we start doing tasks - busy bee tasks - that take us absolutely nowhere!

Girl, building your dream life, achieving your long-held and cherished dreams is your birthright!  You deserve to live well. 

They key is to always stay focused on what you must do in this present moment, day or week to get it going.  Eat this elephant a little bit at the time. 

This Road Map will help you do just that! 


Yes, there are going to be some obstacles, challenges and setbacks as you move along your journey to place YOU call success.  Use this guide to help you stay focused.  You know, that is what I found to be the hardest thing - ignoring the naysayers (negative people in general), staying focused on my goals and putting one foot in front of the other.


Your future is too important to have you just give up because of lack of focus.  

Please promise me that no matter how afraid you may feel, you will keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward toward achieving your goals.


If you don't act now, one year from now you will wish that you had.


I believe in you,


Carmin Wharton


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